19 Trendsetting Fabrics for Suits to Amp up Your Style Game in 2024


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19 Trendsetting Fabrics for Suits to Amp up Your Style Game in 2024

Men often turn to suits for a polished and smart look, whether it's for business or social occasions. A well-made suit adds a touch of refinement that elevates a man's appeal and self-assurance. 

Selecting the right fabrics for suits plays a pivotal role in defining the style, functionality, and overall standard of quality of a suit. With the continuous evolution of fabric-making techniques, the range of suit fabric materials available for crafting suits seems almost limitless. 

Here comes a comprehensive guide from Manyapratha Luxrr featuring our top suit fabric selections for crafting impeccable suits. Let's explore!

A Quick Look at the History of Fabrics for Suits 

Past Era

The origins of fabrics for suits date back to ancient times, notably in civilisations like Rome and Egypt, where the elite favoured luxurious suit fabric materials like silk and linen for their attire. The modern suit, as we understand it today, began to form in the 16th century. During this period, wool became the primary men’s suit fabric for tailoring, maintaining its dominance for centuries later.

Present Era

With advancements in manufacturing techniques and global trade growth, suit fabric types such as cotton and silk have become more accessible, leading to increased diversity and exploration in the fashion industry. In the present scenario, the evolution of the suit persists with the continuous inception of new suit fabric materials and blends. Nevertheless, the intriguing history of suit fabrics, spanning centuries, remains evident.

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Best Men's Suit Fabric Types You Need to Know

1. Cotton Suit Fabric 

For a more relaxed suit vibe, especially this summer, opt for cotton, which offers lightweight comfort and breathability. 

Unlike wool, cotton suits are ideal for warmer weather, providing maximum ventilation. 

Over the past few years, the fame of cotton suit fabrics has emerged as a prominent choice in the fashion scene. 

Cotton's versatility and comfort make it an ideal choice for those who prefer natural fabrics. 

These suit fabrics tend to be categorised as smart casual attire, primarily because of the fabric's gentle stretch and airy feel.

2. Pure Wool Suit Fabric 

Wool emerges as the undisputed favourite fabric for suits, specially priced for its durability in maintaining a comfortable body temperature, making it perfect for cooler climate scenarios. 

Its resistance to creasing makes it the go-to option for long formal events, ensuring wearers stay impeccably dressed from dawn to dusk.

3. Worsted Wool Fabrics for Suits

Characterised by its exceptional quality, worsted wool yarn is spun from longer, stronger, and finer wool fibres, in contrast to the shorter, fluffier yarns commonly seen in wool products.

This leads to an extremely durable suit fabric with a smooth, soft texture.

With this feature, worsted wool remains a top-notch pick for an upscale suit, ensuring a luxurious sensation that complements its elegant appearance.

4. Wool Twill Men's Suit Fabric 

Wool twill suit fabric is identified by its twill weave construction, which manifests a diagonal pattern across the material.

From subtle nuances to striking statements, the intensity of the diagonal pattern relies on the fabric's colours and construction.

Exclusively known for its durability factor, excellent drape, and soft hand feel, this suit fabric type is perfect for outerwear and garments that face rigorous wear.

Although twill can derive from numerous fibre sources, selecting wool twill suiting provides a quintessential, classic suit look.

5. Stretch Wool Suiting Fabric 

Invest in the versatility of lightweight wool suiting for a suit that maintains its quality and style across various seasons.

Our superior wool suit fabric material excels in durability, comfort, and graceful drape, maintaining its structural integrity with elegance.

Also, this natural fibre ensures breathability and is wrinkle-resistant.

Choosing a structured men's suit fabric with built-in stretch improves the comfort of wearing it.

Crafted from high-quality 100% wool with added stretch, our suiting fabric is offered in a selection of refined hues, ideal for a traditional suit.

6. Cotton Twill Suit Fabric 

Consistently offering durability and versatility, cotton twill fabrics for suits ensure wearers enjoy breathability and comfort throughout wear.

With a tendency towards a more relaxed feel than wool twill, cotton twill nevertheless proves itself as a go-to option for crafting suits.

Our premium organic cotton twill stands out as an excellent fabric choice for winter suits, offering both weight and comfort.

7. Linen Suit Fabric Material 

In regions with tropical climates or sweltering summers, linen fabric for suits stands out as the perfect choice for a suit that provides breathability and coolness.

Keep in mind that a linen suit tends to offer a more laid-back, casual feel, especially if you're aiming for a professional look.

It's an essential summer wardrobe staple and embodies tailored refinement with its lightweight allure and unmatchable breathable factor. 

8. Linen Blend 

If you value the breathability and comfort of linen but desire a more formal suit appearance, consider a linen blend that can highlight linen's positive features while mitigating wrinkles and its casual aesthetic.

9. Silk Fabric for Suits 

Silk reflects luxury and comfort in a bespoke suit, offering a crease-resistant and breathable suit fabric type that's super perfect for warmer climates and extended wear. 

The unique properties of high-quality, luxurious suit fabric are sure to make a striking impression and are bound to turn heads wherever you go.

10. Viscose Fabric 

Viscose, a semi-synthetic fibre made from cellulose, provides a luxurious aesthetic akin to silk without the hefty price tag. 

11. Silk Blend 

The silk blend brings a touch of luxury to any fabric it's incorporated into.

A suiting fabric blended with silk offers the durability and sophisticated touch of silk without the hefty cost of pure silk.

Opting for a silk/polyester blend is a smart decision for achieving an elegant, sophisticated suit that remains comfortable to wear.

12. Cashmere Fabrics for Suit 

For supreme luxury and comfort, consider a suit made from cashmere, though it may possess a subtle sheen unsuitable for workspace attire. 

However, it's ideal for making a statement at parties or formal gatherings. 

Alternately, opt for a blend of cashmere and wool for warmth, elasticity, softness, and structure—perfect for versatile and refined suiting.

13. Tweed Suit Fabric 

Tweed, a rugged wool fabric for suits originating from Ireland and Scotland, is versatile enough for year-round wear. 

Providing warmth in winter and breathability in spring and autumn, it's also water-resistant. 

Available in various earthy tones, tweed can be dyed and fashioned into blazers for casual outings or full suits for formal events. 

14. Satin Fabrics for Suits

In search of a one-of-a-kind luxurious suit fabric that sets you apart and enhances your style?

Choosing premium satin fabric will elevate your suit, giving it a luxurious, high-end feel. 

Satin is an excellent option for designing a suit intended for special occasions to achieve an elegant party look.

With a satin weave structure, this fabric exhibits a captivating sheen, a sumptuous feel, and a stunning, flowing drape.

15. Velvet Fabric for Suits  

Considered a more formal option, velvet adds an air of elegance to a suit jacket with its plush and shimmering texture, making it a memorable statement at dinner parties. 

Defined by its trimmed or looped pile, this fabric offers a distinct, fluffy appearance that makes it easily recognisable.

It stands out as an additional choice for crafting a high-end suit that is truly unique.

The fabric's graceful sheen, highlighted by the interplay of light, evolves with its fluid movement.

16. Seersucker Men's Suit Fabric

Seersucker is a lightweight, breathable suit fabric perfect for summer suits due to its remarkable air circulation. 

Made of woven cotton, it often features horizontal stripes but can also be found in solid and checkered patterns.

17. Turkish Suit Fabrics 

Renowned for their top-tier quality, resilience, and versatility, Turkish suit fabrics shine in the global textile arena. 

These fabrics for suits promise comfort and longevity, making them ideal for a multitude of clothing items, including men's suits. 

Furthermore, their affordability relative to counterparts from other regions adds to their appeal, combining value with top-notch quality.

18. Herringbone Fabrics for Suits 

Herringbone suits, featuring a classic V-shaped weaving pattern, are currently trending in men's formal wear. 

Highly versatile, they easily complement various garments and are ideal for achieving your formal look. 

They pair exceptionally well with waistcoats, making them perfect for a three-piece suit ensemble. 

Keep one in your closet for any occasion where you want to make a polished impression.

19. Japanese Wool Fabrics for Suits 

Japanese wool suit fabrics are revered for their exceptional quality, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. 

Known for their softness, durability, and luxurious feel, these men's suit fabrics offer unparalleled comfort and drape. 

Their lightweight, breathable nature, coupled with excellent moisture-wicking properties, ensures suitability for year-round wear.

Discover our diverse product range or reach out to us directly—we're excited about bringing your dream suit into reality at Manyapratha Luxrr!

Depicting the Prominence of Suit Fabric Weight

When picking out the right suit fabric for your bespoke suit, you should consider its weight carefully. Fabrics for suits are commonly classified into three main categories based on their weight:

Lightweight Suit Fabric Types (7-9 oz.)

Suit fabric types with a lighter weight, such as linen, wool, and cotton, offer both breathability and a more laid-back style. Such men's suit fabrics are particularly suitable for warm weather and informal settings, making them a great choice for outdoor events.

Medium Weight Suit Fabric Types (10–12 oz.)

Wool and wool blend suit fabrics, with their medium weight, strike an ideal balance of insulation and breathability, making them appropriate for year-round wear. Suits tailored from these suit fabric materials effortlessly fit different seasons and various events.

Heavyweight Suit Fabric Types (13–16 oz.)

For colder months, heavier-weight suit fabrics like cashmere and flannel are the best choices, providing exceptional insulation and warmth. These fabrics also contribute to a tailored suit's refined appearance and luxurious drape.

A Quick Analysis of Patterns and Textures Found in Suit Fabrics 

Integral to crafting the perfect custom suit is the consideration of textures and patterns, which significantly impact its visual appeal. Let's take a closer look at a selection of famous patterns and textures in suit fabrics:


Opting for a striped suit is a common strategy to project a sense of power and authority. Pinstripes and chalk stripes remain prevalent in corporate environments and formal gatherings, while seersucker stripes bring a playful charm to casual summer suits.

Solid colors 

A bespoke suit in solid colours is an essential piece in every gentleman's closet. Whether in classic hues like black, navy, and grey or more daring tones like olive green or burgundy, a solid suit offers limitless adaptability, coordinating with a range of shirt and tie pairings.

Fabric Weaves 

The texture of a suit fabric is a key factor in shaping its appearance and feel. Noteworthy fabric weaves comprise twill, known for its elegant texture featuring diagonal lines; herringbone, which lends a subtle V-shaped pattern; and houndstooth, with its unique broken-check design.


Incorporating check fabric for suits such as windowpane or Glen plaid lends a fresh and stylish edge to the classic suit. Striking a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary sophistication, they seamlessly transition from professional to relaxed settings.

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Equipped with this detailed guide, you can confidently explore the realm of suit fabrics, ensuring your choices are well-informed and aligned with your style.

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