Best 7 Shirting Fabric Types & Tips to Choose the Best Shirt Fabrics


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Best Shirting Fabric Types
Best 7 Shirting Fabric Types & Tips to Choose the Best Shirt Fabrics

The key to a perfect look lies in the minute things that usually people don’t pay attention to. A well-styled look always stems from a well-invested time in finding the perfect shirt. But worry not, this blog will guide you through the shirting fabric’s weaving types in detail for you to make a perfect purchase. 

Let’s start by understanding the shirting fabric. It is nothing but a specific type of fabric that is commonly used in the manufacture of shirts and is typically made of cotton. In addition to its versatility, it also offers durability and comfort with a stylish design. The shirt fabric is typically made from natural fibres like cotton, linen, or a blend of both. A shirting fabric can be made from a variety of different types of fabrics, each with its characteristics. Let's dive deep into the shirting fabric types!

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Shirting Fabric types

Poplin Shirt Fabric

The smooth texture, durability, and versatility of Poplin make it the best fabric for shirts. Typically made from cotton fibres, poplin fabric is soft, breathable, and comfortable. Its wrinkle resistance is from the blend of other fibres such as polyester, rayon, or spandex. Poplin shirts are available in a variety of colours, prints and designs and go exceptionally well with any social setting, be it a professional or casual gathering. It is hands down one of the best cotton shirt fabrics. 

Oxford Shirt Fabric

Oxford weave produces a durable fabric with a noticeable texture by weaving fine yarns into the warp and heavy yarns into the weft. These oxford shirt fabrics are usually distinguished by their textured weave, which is characterized by a basket-weave pattern that gives it a bit of a heavier feel. Cotton is usually used to produce this type of quality garment while providing a distinctive and sophisticated look. An Oxford shirt features a button-down collar offering a comfortable and versatile option to wear on a range of occasions. 

Twill Cotton Fabric Shirt

In contrast to other fabrics, the twill shirt features a distinctive diagonal weave pattern which is a primary reason for twill being the popular shirt fabric type. In twill weaving, the weft threads overlap and are under multiple warp threads in a regular pattern, resulting in diagonal ribs. The twill fabric has excellent strength, durability, and wrinkle resistance, all due to this construction. Twill fabrics are characterized by a diagonal weave that adds visual interest and depth to garments, giving them a more refined and sophisticated appearance.

Dobby Fabric Shirt

Fabrics made from Dobby shirts are known for their intricate geometric patterns and textures pushing it to the top of some of the best fabrics for shirts. Using a loom attachment, the dobby weave creates small, raised designs on the fabric. Simple patterns such as dots and stripes, as well as more complex patterns such as floral motifs, can be found in these designs. Dobby fabrics are one of the best cotton shirtings as they are light in weight and are the most breathable shirt material type.  

Linen Shirting Fabric

For those men who prefer to be classy and natural both in terms of fashion and otherwise, linen shirts are one of the best shirt fabrics to spend your money on. The natural linen fibre made from flax is renowned for its natural ability to circulate air freely, making it an excellent choice when it comes to hot weather or climates with high humidity. Therefore it is considered to be one of the best shirting fabrics in India in particular. There is a distinct texture to linen shirting fabric, often characterized by a slightly wrinkled or relaxed appearance, which adds to their casual elegance. 

Jacquard Fabric Shirts

Jacquard fabric shirts are perfect for those looking to elevate their fashion in a true sense. Using punch cards, the Jacquard loom creates intricate and complex designs on the fabric. Cotton, silk, or synthetic blends are all common materials for jacquard fabrics, which can vary in terms of texture, finish, and appearance. Jacquard fabric shirts are truly a visual treat for the intricate patterns from floral to geometric and artistic shapes and designs it features. 

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Flannel Shirts

The softness, warmth, and distinctive texture of flannel shirts make it an extremely popular fabric. Wool and cotton yarns are usually woven into a twill or plain weave pattern to produce the flannel fabric. As a popular choice for the best fabric for shirts for both casual and formal occasions, flannel is popular due to its softness and comfort against the skin. Of the very many types of cotton fabric for shirts, flannel fabric shirts are one of the most adored by men for their visual appeal and durability. 

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How to Choose the Perfect Shirt Fabric?

It is important to be cognizant of the things to keep in mind while selecting the perfect shirting fabric to stay intact with your style, preference and comfort. Here are some of the tips to choose the right shirt fabric for yourself: 

1. The first and foremost thing to consider while choosing the best fabric for shirts is the durability of the material. Research a little bit on the shirt material type to ensure that it is easy to care for and maintain. 

2. The one thing that cannot be sacrificed is one’s comfort. Though it might not look like a bigger point of concern, in the long run, it will become a pain to wear something that isn’t breathable and light in weight to wear. So etch in your mind that comfort is mandatory. 

3. Check the quality of the shirt fabric to ensure that you aren’t pouring your money onto something that wouldn’t last long. Quality is a must to check! 

4. There are plenty of shirting fabric types, but not all of them would be suitable for all occasions. Some are best for casual get-togethers whereas some best suit professional settings. So choose the shirt fabric with the occasion you are going for in the back of your head.


Choosing the perfect shirt fabric has to be a mindful choice to make sure that your money isn’t going in vain. There are many different types of shirting fabrics, one might be too warm for summer and the other might be too boho for formal events. So it is important to understand the different shirting fabric types to choose the one that offers comfort and is also perfect for the occasion. Keep these points in mind while making your purchase! 

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