What is the Difference Between a Tuxedo and a Suit?


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Tuxedo vs Suit
What is the Difference Between a Tuxedo and a Suit?

The constant struggle to choose whether to go for a captivating suit or a sophisticated tuxedo is real. But many of us don’t really understand the difference between a tuxedo and a suit which sets each of them apart from the other, distinctively bringing their own charm. 

Nothing is as enchanting and alluring as a man dressed up in a suit or a tuxedo. These two timeless beauties are something that can never be called “out of fashion.” In this blog, we will shed light on what truly distinguishes these two epitomes of elegance and class. We will unravel the nuances and differences between tuxedos and suits by delving deep into their characteristics and style.

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What is a Tuxedo?

Though the definition of a tuxedo and a suit might have been blurred because of the common usage of both, to refer to a suit in general, they both are different clothing pieces with different characteristics. A tuxedo can be identified with the satin used on the lapel, buttons and the stripes on the pants to give it a more royal and polished appearance. The tuxedo is the ultimate example of formal wear, designed specifically for black-tie events and high-end occasions where you are supposed to switch to the formal way. 

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What is a Suit? 

Suits and tuxedos share a good number of similarities but can be distinguished easily with a little understanding of both pieces. There is nothing more versatile and classy than a men's suit, an ensemble consisting of a shirt, jacket and trousers, where the jacket and trousers are often made of the same fabric. Men in suits always stun as suits in general radiate a very strong classy vibe. 

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Tuxedo Jacket vs Suit Jacket 

Tuxedo jackets feature satin lapels and offer a wide variety of styles such as peak lapels, shawl lapels or notch lapels. In contrast, suit jackets typically lack satin or grosgrain detailing on the lapels as they are made from the same fabric. 

It is also common for tuxedo jackets to feature satin or fabric-covered buttons adding a refined touch to the garment. The buttons on suit jackets are usually made of plastic, horn, or metal, depending on the fabric and design of the jacket. As for the pockets, jetted and besom pockets are traditional on tuxedo jackets, which are neatly enclosed without flaps, whereas flap pockets, patch pockets, and ticket pockets are available on suit jackets.

Tuxedo Pants vs Suit Pants 

Tuxedo pants have satin stripes on each side of the pants, setting them apart from the suit which follows the monotonic tone to maintain the grace of the clothing while tuxedos try to add more gravitas to the attire. The belt and sash paired with suits and tuxedos respectively is yet another cue for distinguishing a suit from that of a tuxedo pant. 

Mismatching jackets and suit pants are on the rise for quite some time so go ahead and pair your suit jacket with something different in colour. Black tuxedo pants are a wonderful choice for white and blue jackets and for suits opt for light colours such as grey or khaki for darker-toned jackets to emphasise the look further. 

Tuxedo Shirts vs Suit Shirts

One very obvious difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the pleats on the shirt paired with the tux. Though this is optional and not conditional to wear a pleated shirt with a tux, often it is chosen for the neat and crisp elements it adds to the look. 

Also, tuxedo shirts feature French cuffs and wingtip collars to emphasise the bow tie. French cuffs are usually a personal style and taste, so they could differ from person to person. And for the colour make sure you stick to a nice white tuxedo shirt to stay intact with the elegance of tuxedos. Suits on the other, follow the regular collar pattern along with the liberty to play with different colours while choosing the perfect suit shirt. 

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Tuxedo Ties vs Suit Ties

Tuxedo ties and suit ties are yet another aspect to understand the differences between a tuxedo and a suit. There is a general belief that bowties are for tuxedos and neckties are for suits. And is usually true as bowties are widely preferred for tuxedos as they compliment each other perfectly while suits are best paired with neckties. 

However, it is acceptable and okay to wear a tuxedo without a tie for informal events. And you can also choose to wear a bowtie with a suit even though it is not a common choice. It is all about being comfortable and thankfully fashion doesn’t have any rules to adhere to, so go for what you feel is the best. But you will never be wrong by sticking to the classics.

Tuxedos for Wedding vs Suits for Wedding

It could be difficult to decide on what to wear for a wedding. But the answer lies in the invitation. And if you still cannot figure out whether to wear a tuxedo or a suit for the wedding, then check if the wedding is in the daylight. Suits go just well with daytime weddings whereas, on the other hand, tuxedos are for weddings conducted in the evening. 

If the dress code is more semi-formal and relaxed then a suit is definitely the better option. And if the event is going to follow a black tie dress code then nothing can beat the style of a tuxedo.  

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Tuxedos for Prom vs Suits for Prom

Every high school student dreams of walking the prom like a fashion runway. The choice of whether to wear a tuxedo or suit, again depends on the dress code of your prom just like that of the wedding. If that doesn’t clear your confusion, then simply go with the one you like more as there are no such rules and restrictions between suits and tuxedos to wear for prom.

If you are planning to wear a bowtie then it is advisable to go for a tuxedo while a suit would be a better option for neckties.  And if you simply don’t want to wear a tie, pick a suit over a tuxedo. Tuxedos exude a more modern and stylish vibe while suits are traditional attires which sit perfectly well with less formal events. See whichever works well in bringing your sense of style and stick to that. 

Tuxedo Cost vs Suit Cost

There is a similarity between both garments when it comes to elegance and style, however, there are some differences when it comes to design, formality, and cost. Tuxedos tend to be more expensive than suits due to their refined appearance and intricate details. In addition to the specialised detailing, premium materials contribute to the tuxedos' higher prices. 

A suit’s cost is, however, greatly influenced by a number of factors, including the brand, fabric quality, and craftsmanship.  Despite the relatively affordable price tag of some suits, especially those made from synthetic blends or off-the-rack options, other suits can be quite pricey, especially those made from luxurious fabrics or bespoke.


So these were some of the differences between a suit and a tuxedo. During events and occasions, something that is common is the tuxedo vs suit fight in the mind of every man. But you can just choose the attire depending on the level of formality of the events. Choose a nice suit for business meetings, casual and more semi-formal settings and keep it classy with a tuxedo for black tie events.  

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