Famous Fashion Designer Names in Delhi for Men to Elevate Your Style


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Famous Fashion Designer Names in Delhi for Men to Elevate Your Style

Wearing Designer clothes and flaunting our style is something that we all fantasise and dream about. But often times it turns out to be quite a tedious and daunting task to find the perfect designer who understands our unique fashion sense, preferences and style. Especially, if you are living in Delhi because the options are many which makes it rather confusing than easy to choose one for you. 

So here we are to guide you to the best Delhi designers you must know to transform your ordinary sense of style into an extraordinary one. 

Best Designers in Delhi - Manayapratha Luxrr

Customisation and fashion go hand in hand if you want to truly wear a piece of clothing that reflects your personality and individuality. Manyapratha Luxrr is hands down the ideal destination for those looking for designers in Delhi to go to for top-tier customisation, world-class designer clothes and fashion pieces which are crafted by closely studying the latest trends and styles.

Manyapratha Luxrr, since its inception in 1992, has stood as a beacon of excellence in custom men’s wear across India. Our commitment to showcasing exceptional quality originating from India is evident in every stitch of our meticulously crafted garments. By seamlessly blending contemporary design with cutting-edge tailoring techniques, at Manyapratha Luxrr, we ensure that each piece exudes sophistication and style while remaining accessible to our customers. Our creative and dynamic team comprising master tailors, product experts, and dedicated customer service professionals, embodies the brand's unwavering dedication to creating a global fashion statement rooted in Indian craftsmanship and innovation. Our passion and dedication to offering truly customised clothing makes us stand apart from others as the best fashion designers in Delhi.

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Location: No.123, Cathedral Rd, Chokkalingam Nagar, Gopalapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600086.

Timings: Monday to Sunday - 10 AM to 10 PM

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Top Fashion Designers in Delhi - What Manyapratha Sells?

At Manyapratha Luxrr, we take immense pleasure and pride in being one of the go-to dress designers in Delhi for both readymade and tailored clothing. Whether it is a casual gathering with your gang or a high-end event where you have to be dressy, Manyapratha is the perfect choice for you.  


At Manyapratha Luxrr, we offer a range of readymade clothing options for men. Each piece is semi-stitched, allowing for easy alterations to ensure a perfect fit for every customer. From stylish suits to traditional sherwanis, our readymade collection embodies elegance and timeless fashion, making us one of the best designers in Delhi. Orders typically take between two to four weeks for delivery, ensuring that customers receive their garments promptly without compromising on quality.

Readymade Designer Pieces at Manyapratha:

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Tailored Clothing:

For those seeking bespoke garments tailored to their exact preferences, we at Manyapratha Luxrr provide a comprehensive customisation experience. The process begins with customers sharing their requirements, whether it's for a classic sherwani or personalised footwear. With a dedicated 30-day timeline, we meticulously craft each custom piece using modern techniques and premium materials. This attention to detail ensures that every garment reflects the customer's unique style and personality, making Manyapratha Luxrr a go-to destination for tailored men’s wear designers in Delhi. 

Tailor-Made Designer Pieces at Manyapratha:

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Famous Fashion Designers in Delhi Like Manyapratha

We are firm believers in the power of inspiration, both in giving and receiving. That's why we look up to the renowned fashion designers in Delhi, whose creativity and innovation have reshaped the industry. Here are the fashion designer names who inspire us to constantly strive for excellence:

1. Manish Malhotra

Known for his opulent designs and Bollywood glamour, Manish Malhotra's creations resonate with Manyapratha's commitment to timeless elegance and luxury.

2. Amit Aggarwal

With a focus on intricate detailing and contemporary aesthetics, Amit Agarwal's designs inspire Manyapratha's blend of modernity and traditional craftsmanship.

3. Sabyasachi

A master of blending heritage with modernity, Sabyasachi's designs influence Manyapratha's pursuit of creating culturally rich yet globally relevant fashion statements.

4. Jatin Malik

Known for his avant-garde designs and innovative silhouettes, Jatin Malik's creative spirit resonates with Manyapratha's dedication to pushing boundaries in men's fashion.

5. Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna

With a focus on understated elegance and refined craftsmanship, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna's designs inspire Manyapratha's commitment to delivering impeccably tailored clothing for men.

6. Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta’s designs and innovative fashion pieces inspire Manyapratha to infuse an artistic flair and unconventional approach to create unique statement-making pieces for men. 

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In conclusion, Delhi designers represent the epitome of creativity and style in the fashion world, with Manyapratha Luxrr standing out as one of the best designers in Delhi. our commitment to quality, innovation, and customisation sets us apart, making us a top choice for all fashion-forward individuals. From impeccably tailored shirts, suits, and sherwanis to intricately designed footwear, Manyapratha Luxrr offers a comprehensive range of products that cater to every fashion need. Embrace the essence of Delhi's fashion scene and elevate your wardrobe with timeless pieces crafted by Manyapratha Luxrr.

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1. What is the Customisation process at Manyapratha?

At Manyapratha Luxrr, the customisation process involves a detailed consultation where customers share their preferences and requirements, followed by meticulous crafting using modern techniques and premium materials. This process is completed within a timeframe of up to 30 days, ensuring that each custom-made piece meets the highest standards of quality and personalisation.

2. Which clothing pieces can be customised at Manyapratha?

Manyapratha Luxrr offers customisation for a wide range of clothing pieces, including suits, sherwanis and footwear allowing customers to create personalised and unique fashion statements tailored to their style and preferences.

3. Does Manyapratha do international shipping?

Yes, Manyapratha Luxrr offers international shipping, allowing customers worldwide to access their exquisite custom-made clothing. Whether you're in India or abroad, you can enjoy the craftsmanship and luxury of Manyapratha Luxrr's products delivered right to your doorstep.